Research Outcomes

The results of the CEDRiC project research evaluation are now complete. The GEDI outcome paper is published. The results from the evaluation of the Nurse Practitioner Candidate providing onsite care in an Aged Care Facility is also now available. 

Craswell A, Wallis M, Coates K, Marsden E, Taylor A, Broadbent M, Nguyen K-H, Johnston-Devin C, Glenwright A, Crilly J. (2020) Enhanced primary care provided by a nurse practitioner candidate to aged care facility residents: A mixed methods study.

Wallis M, Marsden E, Taylor A, Craswell A, Broadbent M, Barnett A, Nguyen K-H, Johnston C, Glenwright A, Crilly J. (2018) The Geriatric Emergency Department Intervention model of care: a pragmatic trial. BMC Geriatrics