GEDI, Geriatric Emergency Department Intervention, is aimed at cost effectively maximising the quality of care for older people who present to the Emergency Department (ED). GEDI is provided by a nurse-led, physician championed team who provide frontload assessment, communication, care coordination and appropriate discharge planning. 

The GEDI team focus on all presentations from aged care facilities as well as older people from the community who are identified as frail via screening on presentation to the ED. 

GEDI is currently available in the ED’s of Nambour and New Sunshine Coast University Hospitals, part of the Sunshine Coast Hospital and Health Service. GEDI has clinical nurses (CN) managed by a clinical nurse consultant (CNC) employed in the ED. This provides coverage from 7am to 5:30pm on overlapping shifts weekdays and 7am until 3:30pm weekends. 

GEDI has undergone a structure and process research evaluation including health economics – results are out now.

GEDI nurse with Older adult patient in the emergency department