Partners and Collaborations

Our team has local, national and international partnerships continuing the further development and impact of research to support the care of older adults.

Links to our partner research team in Saskatchewan, Canada are here. They have formed the Long-term care Network of researchers of which we are a part. Together we are researching several projects across borders harnessing the power of collaboration to improve care for older adults:

Successful grants: 1. Compton R, Parmar J, Craswell A, Hubbard-Murdoch N, Sattar S, Hunter P, Anderson S, Ottley K, Lowe M, Krahn D, Moorman M, Kross R, Robeiro M, Gao N, Emard S, Nkemtendong G, Tendulkar Y (2021) Advancing Relational Care with Older Adults in Long-Term Care and Assisted Living: an online education intervention for healthcare workers (Vol. AUD $54,850/CAD $50,000) Saskatchewan Health Research Fund (SHRF) CABHI Spark & Call for Scale-up Innovation Projects.

2. Compton R, Hunter P, Ellis B, Berger J, Boyce E, Barlow M, Boscart V, Craswell A, Caine V, Ripley V, Lowe M, Hubbard-Murdoch N. (2019) Improving the quality of life for long-term care residents living with frailty: A mixed methods exploration of factors affecting healthcare provision and outcomes. (Vol. AUD $105,775/CAD97,564) Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR) and the Strategy for Patient-Oriented Research (SPOR).

3. Compton R, C Skrapek, Riggs, H, Wallis M, Craswell A, et al. (2019) Towards Improving the Quality of Life for Long Term Care Residents: Exploring the Current Factors Affecting Healthcare Provision and Health Outcomes. (Vol. AUD$116,295.5/CAD110,179) Saskatchewan Health Research Fund (SHRF) SPROUT Grant.   

The impact of this international relationship is demonstrated through patient-oriented research: The Meaningfulness of Relationships in Long-Term Care Research.