Information for GPs

CEDRiC, through GEDI in emergency departments and Nurse Practitioners (NP) in Care Homes aims to strengthen the capacity of the aged care sector to deliver high quality aged care, to improve care for older adults in the ED and improve interaction between Aged Care Facilities and primary and secondary healthcare sectors. It is hoped that this in turn may improve the satisfaction with care as well as the physical and mental health outcomes for older people. 

What this means for you as a GP. 

The research results for the models – GEDI and NPs in care homes, support the improved outcomes for older adults in both community and care homes. Efforts to encourage Aged Care Facilities to recruit Nurse Practitioners (NP) are being made by the NP who was part of this project.  

The GEDI Nurses (CNs) are available Monday to Sunday between 7am and 5.30pm. The benefits of GEDI Nurses in the ED include: 

  • Single point of contact in the ED
  • Specialist assessment by geriatric ED nurses 
  • Reduced length of stay in ED for patients 
  • Fast tracking of patients through ED 
  • Improved ED discharge planning 
  • Updates on the patient’s condition and progress can be provided to you on request
  • Improved communication between ED and the GP 

There are several Clinical Nurses working as part of the GEDI Nurse team in Emergency across Nambour and the Sunshine Coast University hospital led by the CNC, Andrea Taylor. 

If you have any further questions regarding either the Nurse Practitioner Candidate at Sundale or the Geriatric Emergency Department Initiative, please contact us. 

CEDRiC is an exciting initiative available here on the Sunshine Coast. Established as a result of a grant through the Department of Social Services, CEDRiC is an innovative model of service delivery involving a collaboration between Sundale, Sunshine Coat Hospital and Health Service (SCHHS), Central Queensland Wide Bay and Sunshine Coast PHN and the University of the Sunshine Coast, Griffith University and QUT.